RV Repair Service in Salinas, CA

RV Repair ServiceRVs and mobile homes are built to tackle long distances, hold up to hard road conditions, and keep their occupants safe no matter what the destination is. But they’re not invincible and eventually, like any vehicle, they’ll need new parts and repairs to keep them chugging along. CTS RV Repair is here when that time comes.

With more than three decades of professional experience behind us, the professionals at CTS RV Repair are ready to service your RV to the fullest. We do this by getting the parts you need, fast, then installing these components perfectly.


RV Parts

RV Repair ServiceWith all of the different makes, models, years and customizations on RVs and mobile homes out there, finding the right RV parts in Salinas, CA can be hard. Moreover, if you select the wrong part or try a “one size fits all” approach, it’s likely not going to serve you or your vehicle very well. Results can be mixed.

At CTS RV Repair, we don’t leave things up to chance. When we pinpoint a problem with your RV or mobile home, we take action by finding the exact part you need and installing it properly. Even hard to find, specialty parts are no problem for our team to come by—we explore every sales channel to get your vehicle what it needs to function fully again.

When we do locate the part you need, trust us to have it delivered fast! You don’t have time to wait around for repairs and we won’t make you stand idly by for days at a time—we can get most parts in a day or two for the fastest repairs around!


RV Repairs

More than just being able to find the parts you need, CTS RV Repair is also a dedicated RV repair service in Salinas, CA. We can perform virtually any work you might need on your vehicle to keep it functioning to its fullest levels of efficiency and safety out on the road. We can provide service for:

* Please note that we do not perform engine work at our location.

If you’re looking for an RV service provider you can trust, look no further than CTS RV Repair. With deep sales channels to find the parts you need and expert professionals to put them to work, you won’t have to look anywhere for honest, friendly, professional service.